Maree Farms

We are a responsible organic farm concerned about nature, wildlife, preservation of the soil and the care of olive trees which, on average, are over 500 years old. At Maree Farms we take a different approach to farming. This can be seen through our reverent approach to pruning our olive and almond trees (to coax them from vegetative to productive growth). This is vital to ensure the production of a high quality extra virgin olive oil. Our Hoopoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a certified organic product produced and sold exclusively on our farm. We believe transparency and consumer education are an important element that should be included with each purchase. There is more to extra virgin olive oil than meets the eye.

As we are a working farm, we continually seek meaningful relationships with volunteers and aspiring young farmers while simultaneously building a strong sustainable farming framework. We hope to develop a farming model that can be used to encourage more young farmers onto the land. Is this something that might interest you? Why not join us for an experience day and get involved in the project?

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