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Do you dream about becoming a farmer?

Relatively few people are aware of the fact that the majority of today’s farmers belong to the aging generation: a European survey in 2018 revealed that a mere 11% of farm managers were under the age of 40. Yet, these alarming figures are just one of the many obstacles that deter the younger generation from returning to the land. This is why we are offering experience days to aspiring farmers who would like to see if they are up to the task.

Farming is traditionally associated with a family run operation, whereby the land is passed down from generation to generation. With each generation the scale of the operation increases. This model has led to the evolution of an agricultural industry focused on producers involved in mass production. They alone are able to meet the requirements of the industry and demands of the consumer in as short a time as possible. Regrettably, this has left behind many aspiring young farmers.

Helping the youth return to the land should not only be a kindness but a priority. Too many farmers conceal their knowledge and land from those wishing to play their part. This will inescapably result in dispirited farmers who find it easier to give up rather than realise their dreams of farming sustainably. As regenerative farmers and land owners the responsibility falls to us to ensure that the land we value continues to prosper and provide for years to come.

Join us for an experience day!

At Maree Farms we encourage any and all aspiring young farmers to reach out and share their frustrations with us. We strive to provide a sound education on correct regenerative farming techniques. With our experience in the industry and access to our 16 hectare farm the possibilities are endless. If you have an idea why not put it in motion under the supervision of an expert? Maree Farms can act as your stepping stone to acquiring your own homestead without the need to invest all your existing capital in a plot of land or equipement. We understand the struggles involved and serve to encourage and inspire. When done correctly, farming is a very rewarding career.

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Join us for an experience day!

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