Ancient olive tree at Maree farms

Who are we?

Maree Farms is situated in the picturesque Spanish countryside next to the historic village of flix, along the Ebro river. This particular region is both rich in history and gastronomy with many local farms comprising of olive trees that date back hundreds of years to the Moorish rule of Spain.

On our 16 hectare farm, we use a hollistic approach to manage the olive trees and the soil that nurtures them. Before it was purchased, the farm had been in the same family for over 500 years therefore we considered it a unique find. This is what highlighted its potential to remain an organic farm. The original farming practices are not all that different to the way we run the farm today with one visible difference. We have chosen not to plow the soil opting for a no-till farming approach instead.

Here at Maree farms, we farm in a way that respects nature. By starting with the soil our focus centers around soil fertility. We are all soil farmers after all. This is where you have the opportunity to lay the foundation for sustainable agricultural practices. With the threat of desertification and resource depletion we, must turn towards greener farming practices.

Only by adopting techniques that work with nature can we hope to produce the best quality olive oil. This way we equip the following farming generation with the knowledge needed to correct rather than repeat the mistakes of our predecesors.

About Wes Maree

I have learnt more from observing nature than by trying to change it

Wes Maree

Where it all began…

Maree farms was founded by the current farm owner Wes Maree and his son Don in September 2015. After travelling to a variety of locations, Wes was won over by the Spanish climate and the country’s abundance of affordable farmland. Wes has over 50 years experience in the farming sector and feels at his best when he can play his part as a steward of nature.

For Wes, one of the biggest obstacles to sustainable and affordable farming nowadays is the management that dictates the priorities for farming. By focusing on their priorities of mass production to feed a growing population these systems have discouraged many younger generations that might have had ambitions in acquiring a small farm. Through this lack of konwledge, resources and opportunities we have been left with a generational gap in the farming industry. Unfortunately, this will only increase with time. If we are unable to motivate the youth to get back onto the land, the agriculture industry and the population will have to face the ruinous consequences.

The project owes a lot of its success to co-founder Don Maree who is the main financier and supporter of the farm. Alongside his successful career, Don never fails to check in on the farms progress. He is quick to address its needs for he believes that sustainable agriculture is the future. He shares the same vision as his father Wes and would like to see more farms realize similar practices.