Had enough of the heat?

Have you had enough of the heat? Could this be a wake up call for farmers facing huge crop reduction?

Its an established fact that more than 95% of agricultural land worldwide is now dysfunctional due to a multitude of poor agricultural practices. Some research estimates that there is only 50 years of functional topsoil left in the world today, which can only have a devastating effect on the production of food in the future. There is a desperate need for a sharing of knowledge to stop this degradation of our most important resource; which is soil.

Bearing in mind that we are in a dry, arid, mediterranean climate with approximately 280mm of rainfall per year, what has become more evident during this heatwave is the necessity to focus and concentrate on effective ground cover. No till effective ground cover specifically. This is one of the most effective ways of successfully maintaining soil biodiversity and moisture. We need to unite with those like-minded people and encourage further involvement in this project. I have learnt more from studying nature than by trying to change it and would invite you to become part of the solution.

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