The traceability of olive oil

Traceability is the proof of the product chain from the individual to the consumer, and it combats improper handling or fraud. To guarantee that you are purchasing an extra virgin organic olive oil requires genuine traceability, identifying location, variety, date of harvest, date of oil processing. The traceability system should give information concerning the complete handling process and the responsibilities of each individual.

Any mixing of olive oils from different suppliers, changes the identity of the olive oil. This implies that an oil that is listed as organic, extra virgin or low acidity may not strictly be true. Many false claims are being made regarding technical and analytical information. We practice a strict traceable system to prove:

Due to the technical nature and documentation of the entire handling chain assists us in recording and noting loss and spoilage and can help us in the planning and application of any corrective action.

Its only by having this information available that you can be assured of a superior extra virgin olive oil. Without this you dont know what blend you are buying or how much oil adulteration has taken place. This is something that should appeal to any discerning consumer.

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